Posted on: 15 January, 2019

Welcome to our website, I’m Ger Wolfe and thanks for coming along.

I write and sing songs about Life in all its twists and turns, light and shade, Joy and sorrow, loss and gain. I travel to sing and play my songs and tunes far and wide and I’ve done this since I was a teenager, busking in Cork and Galway as a kid. Now I play in theatres, Folk Clubs and other venues that support live music, run by some of the superheroes of the live music scene.

I love my Alhambra nylon-strung Spanish guitar and my new steel-strung Portuguese Fado guitar. That and my ould Guarnerius-copy Violin I bought off Jim O’ Halloran in Carrigaline in 1991 and my Les Paul copy Epiphone electric guitar with the mellow fender valve amp. I love playing music and I love singing even more. You can’t move in our house without tripping over a mandolin or a piano, a harmonica or a banjo.

I’ve released 8 albums of my songs – my first “Word & Rhyme” (1998), followed by ‘Ragged Ground’ (2000), ‘Heaven Paints Her Holy Mantle Blue’ (2002) and ‘The Velvet Earth’ (2005). ‘No Bird Sang’ (2009), ‘Fréamh ; Root’ (20011) and ‘I Have Been Loved’ (2014). Myself and The New Skylarks have been working away here night and day for years!

Our newest C.D. is ‘ Ger Wolfe and The New Skylark’s Melody Bright and The Favourite Sparrow’ and I hope it  sounds  brightly in your room.