Press Release – Nov 2020

 THE MORNING STAR new album release November 30th 2020

Here comes Ger Wolfe with his newest CD – “The Morning Star” – new songs of hope and comfort in troubled times. Never one to leave the song-writing workshop for long, Ger has taken advantage of the Covid Lockdown to produce ten new songs exquisitely captured at his home studio.

Recorded, engineered and produced by Amhlaíobh Mc Sweeney over the Summer, this is his most poetically beautiful album to date. Previous releases- eight albums in all, established Ger as something of a folkloric figure in the Irish indie/folk scene. Touching on many contemporary issues, from migration to marginalisation, memory loss and separation, innocence and simplicity, this album is at once heart-achingly sad and joyously full of hope.

In an age of streaming and single releases “The Morning Star” deserves to be heard in one sitting, as an entire piece, a wonderful musical journey from the opening ‘Hello Gorgeous’, a story of re-emergence and faith, through to the tender ‘Walk the Long Road’ with stand out songs along the way including ‘Colder than the Winter’ and the quirky ‘I Won’t Forget Your Name’. This is the assured and confident work of a musician very much at ease with his craft and in love with music.

Separated by the lockdown from long term collaborators ‘The New Skylarks’, Ger has worked alongside Amhlaíobh Mc Sweeney with fine contributions from his own son Diarmuid on piano and great accompanying vocals from West-Cork based newcomers ‘Les Alamandas’ .We also hear his own skills on steel string guitar, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, sruti-box and 5 string banjo, with additional tasteful playing by Amhlaíobh on harmonium, bass and drums.

Wolfe is keeping his show on the road with his weekly Friday night on-line Concert, reaching a new and unexpected audience from Paris to Pennsylvania and from Canberra to Cahirsiveen. In lieu of a traditional Ger Wolfe gig this album is as good a place as any to enjoy his new and gorgeous songs….

What others say about Ger…..

“Ger Wolfe’s songs always raise my spirits” Christy Moore

“The poetic soul of Ireland” John Spillane

“The Curra Road is a classic of grace and simplicity and should become a folk standard” Alan Lewis, The Boston Globe

“Ger has an utterly original approach to his craft…his songs have a lyrical, timeless quality, pandering to neither fad nor fashion…a rare and unique creative talent” Paul Dromey, The Examiner

“Ger Wolfe has his own unique accent, his own special voice that takes us to the heart of the song” Philip King

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