New concert dates announced

Posted on: 21 February, 2024


Ger is getting back on the road again to play some live shows this spring,

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Buachaill – Boy

Posted on: 21 February, 2024



An buachaill ina sheasamh

Ar imeall am trá is na taoide

Lámh le lámh lena sheana mháthair

Cad as a dtáinig an ghrian?

Agus amhráin an faoileán ina chléibh?

Cad as a dtáining an uisce

Ag cogair gan stad ina bhéil?

Cad as a dtáining an báisteach

Car imeoidh an scamaill ina diadh?

Ní fheadair ar fhreagair an cailleach

Tá bád ar an farraige thiar.


The boy is resolute standing

On the edge the sand and the tide

Hand in hand with his old grandmother

Where  does the sun come from

With  the song of the gull in her breast?

Where does the sea come from

Whispering nonstop  with a salty mouth?

Where does the rain come from

And the clouds disappear after it?

I don’t know if his nanny replied

There’s a boat on the sea to the west.

Birch Bark

Posted on: 16 January, 2019

We found
Birch bark, flaking and peeling
Skin of the woods, blowing unbound
Paper for all the wild things
To scribble and scrawl on
Later, burning bright wings
Flutter All around us
Winter still outside.

Here is only silent
Storm is roaring torment
Scuttled in the yard
Rattled tin skyward
Flying headlong Winter headstrong
Tears the woods asunder
Nothing hibernating worries
Or is found
Rattling for cover
Like our hungry hearts.