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Buachaill- Boy

Posted on: 21 February, 2024



An buachaill ina sheasamh

Ar imeall na trá is na taoide

Lámh le lámh lena sheana mháthair

Cad as a dtáinig an ghrian?

Agus amhráin an faoileán ina chléibh?

Cad as a dtáining an uisce

Ag cogair gan stad ina bhéil?

Cad as a dtáining an báisteach

Cár imeoidh an scamaill ina diadh?

Ní fheadair ar fhreagair an cailleach

Tá bád ar an farraige thiar.


The boy is resolute standing

On the edge the sand and the tide

Hand in hand with his old grandmother

Where  does the sun come from

With  the song of the gull in her breast?

Where does the sea come from

Whispering nonstop  with a salty mouth?

Where does the rain come from

And the clouds disappear after it?

I don’t know if his nanny replied

There’s a boat on the sea to the west.

Upcoming Gigs

Posted on: 20 February, 2024



I’m looking forward to getting back to live offline shows this Springtime, lots of dates will be added soon to the TOURS page, It’ll be great to get out on the road again and hope to meet some of the listeners who’ve tuned in over the last few years…


Springing forward with new Livestream Shows

Posted on: 23 March, 2021

New Livestream Shows Coming up!

New Livestream Shows Coming up!Busy Spring days here at Raggedy Records and hope that you can tune in for New  weekly Livestream Broadcasts, Lunchtime songs each Wednesdays at 12.30 and a full concert every Friday at  7 p.m.  Shows are free but optional tickets are available from the store here and there is also a Paypal link which helps support the ongoing work in theses days where normal touring is up in the air.

In the pipeline are more videos of songs from the new album ‘The Morning Star’ such as the one for ‘Hello Gorgeous’, still available here and on our Youtube Channel  as well as further work on the song cycle ‘The Bright Girl Laughing at The Sea’.

Also, keep an eye out for a very exciting project in Sean -Nós singing that Ger is working on called ‘Ar Imeall’ . Please subscribe to the Mailing list here on the site and look out for Ger’s work on the Social Media channels……More news to follow!

“The Bright Girl Laughing At The Sea” six new songs.

Posted on: 8 January, 2021

Here is a collection of 6 newly written songs of mine –  “The Bright Girl Laughing at The Sea” released during Covid lockdown

The song cycle is based around the idea of forced migration, an attempt to capture the mix of emotions felt by us when we are forced to leave our home because of trouble, war and strife, hunger, famine , injustice or any of all the myriad reasons people have been forced to flee in past and present times.

The common thread of migration joins all the human race together as victims and perpetrators in one way or another, for better or for worse.

The songs are;

‘The Bright Girl Laughing at The Sea’     ‘The Lonely River’     ‘When You come back home again’   

‘The Child of Hearts’       ‘I turn to see your lovely Face’   and  ‘Who is this that appears like the dawn?’

I had great help with the recording and editing from Amhlaíobh Mc Sweeney, my co-conspirator through much of the strange Covid times.
The video was shot in beautiful West Cork, mostly on ‘The Long Strand’ near Rosscarbery, and  the lake scenes in  Ballinacarriga, near Dunmanway, on two bright wintery days. Thanks to the Arts Council for help with the project.

Please feel free to share the film and the music. Ger

New Album and New Single to match!

Posted on: 30 November, 2020

There is great excitement here in Macroom’s RAGGEDY RECORDS with the release today of the brand new full album THE MORNING STAR hot on the heels of last Friday’s single song release ‘Hello Gorgeous’ which is doing the rounds on the social media channels with a beautiful video made in Kerry by Corina van Deventer and Johnathan Kool.
Hello Gorgeous- Video- Ger Wolfe
We’ve had some really joyful positive feedback from the new album and radio play from Cork to Belfast. Get your copy here on the store and look out for the online launch, on youtube, facebook and instagram this coming Friday from Levis’s Corner house bar in Ballydehob, with The New Skylarks and special guests Amhlaíobh Mc Sweeney and Les Salamandas and no audience except all you who tune in!!

New Album ‘The Morning Star’ is about to be released

Posted on: 24 October, 2020

We are just pure delighted to be welcoming the release of Ger’s newest recording here at Raggedy Records, the radically independent record label.

The Morning Star ‘ is Ger’s most poetically beautiful album to date. At times heart wrenchingly tragic yet also tender and gentle, Ger takes us on a trip through the contemporary world beset by despair and paints it with the bright colours of hope. Exploring themes like migration, memory, childhood, loss and Hope this is a collection of life-affirming songs, expressing the brightest vision of the human spirit in Covid times of dark despair. Songs like ‘Colder than the Winter’ and ‘The last Rose of Summer’, songs of forced migration are set alongside hope-filled numbers like ‘I am a wave’ and ‘I see the new moon’. All is beautiful, from the sparse and glittering accompaniment and the watchful production of Amhlaíobh Mc Sweeney who has worked on the project from the very beginning.

Keep supporting independent musicians and Pre-order your copy now from

Apple time

Posted on: 23 September, 2020

Welcome to a short autumnal blog and a little update of what I’ve been up to musically over the last while. Social media wise I’ve been playing a few times every week, The main concert every Friday evening at 7 p.m. for an hour on Facebook live, with a shorter lunchtime concert at 12.30 mid-day each Wednesday on my Youtube channel and my regular ‘Sunday Paper’ also on facebook every Sunday, just a song or maybe two!. Thanks to everyone who has tuned in to any of the gigs and those who are able to contribute via or by getting virtual online tickets from the store page here.It’s great to have support from various corneres of the spherical globe throughout all of the time of the lockdown which has driven all of my gig work online, apart from one outdoor concert in August at the brilliant venue that is Levis’; Corner House in Ballydehob.

I will shortly have news of a forthcoming album which is called ‘The Morning Star’, We’ve been busily working away at it here in Raggedy Record Headquarters since July ands really enjoying the collaboration with the brilliant engineer and producer Leevy… It won’t be long now.

Please keep in touch and don’t hesitate in sending a request for a favourite song or two through facebook or twitter or even instagtram or by e.mail to

Thanks for continuing to support these independent musical ventures and take care of yourselves.

Newly re-opened Website & Online Concerts

Posted on: 3 July, 2020

Welcome to the newly rebuilt website, It was closed for repairs there for a little while but back in action again, a bit of tasty carpentry around the side walls and all weather proof and ready to set sail once again.

Please feel free to tune in to my Friday night  7 p.m.  live stream gigs on Facebook. I know it’s not everybody’s favourite  media platform but for this Covid moment it is where many of us musicians are playing live. It keeps me going musically and I really appreciate everyone’s support. Online virtual optional tickets are available from the store here from just €5 or there is a virtual paypal contributions button

More importantly than that I have been singing my head off, going through an album of mine each week and this week I’m onto the greatest hits ‘Melody Bright and The Favourite Sparrow’.

I’ve enjoyed the trip through the albums and I’ve also been doing new material each week. The videos are still up there for now on my facebook page but will be taken them down again after a while so tune in while you can and please share with your friends and/or enemies too.

I have some interesting New projects in the pipeline including the performance on-line of a newly commissioned work about forced migration called  ‘The Scattering’, which is very kindly funded by the Arts Council. New songs on an unfortunately age-old situation, the movement of people across the face of the earth.

Please keep listening and supporting independent artists !




New CD and Tourdates

Posted on: 28 January, 2019

NEW CD ‘Ger Wolfe and The New Skylark’s Melody Bright and The Favourite Sparrow’ OUT ON MARCH 1ST 2019.

‘Love is in the Lost and Found’ New Single release on 1st February………….

Our digital downloads page (secure as any apple) which was thought lost was not after all lost and you can click this link to visit it and get yourself some downloadable songs from all of the albums. All through PayPal and guaranteed secure.


Posted on: 15 January, 2019

Welcome to our website, I’m Ger Wolfe and thanks for coming along.

I write and sing songs about Life in all its twists and turns, light and shade, Joy and sorrow, loss and gain. I travel to sing and play my songs and tunes far and wide and I’ve done this since I was a teenager, busking in Cork and Galway as a kid. Now I play in theatres, Folk Clubs and other venues that support live music, run by some of the superheroes of the live music scene.

I love my Alhambra nylon-strung Spanish guitar and my new steel-strung Portuguese Fado guitar. That and my ould Guarnerius-copy Violin I bought off Jim O’ Halloran in Carrigaline in 1991 and my Les Paul copy Epiphone electric guitar with the mellow fender valve amp. I love playing music and I love singing even more. You can’t move in our house without tripping over a mandolin or a piano, a harmonica or a banjo.

I’ve released 8 albums of my songs – my first “Word & Rhyme” (1998), followed by ‘Ragged Ground’ (2000), ‘Heaven Paints Her Holy Mantle Blue’ (2002) and ‘The Velvet Earth’ (2005). ‘No Bird Sang’ (2009), ‘Fréamh ; Root’ (20011) and ‘I Have Been Loved’ (2014). Myself and The New Skylarks have been working away here night and day for years!

Our newest C.D. is ‘ Ger Wolfe and The New Skylark’s Melody Bright and The Favourite Sparrow’ and I hope it  sounds  brightly in your room.