#Irelandperforms and Music Network gigs

Posted on: 20 April, 2020

I’m so delighted to be doing two very nice online gigs this very week. The first will be my first Facebook Live gig on Wednesday 22nd at 12.30 mid day. That’s 7.30 a.m. in New York time. Its part of a series called Ireland Performs …thanks to Culture Ireland in conjunction with First Music Choice and Facebook too. If you like you can get tickets at the store here or you can join in a pass the hat, or you could just stand at the door and look in, that’s okay too!. It’ll be in the ploytunnel at the end of the garden so plenty standing room.

The second lovely gig I have is on Friday night, much shorter, part of a series called ‘The Butterfly Sessions’  with the brilliant Music Network Ireland. They have commissioned 20 new pieces of music, across all the genres, involving 24 artists altogether.

I’ve written two new songs, one called ‘Hello Gorgeous’ and the other ‘Someone Called’ Of course they are about butterflies but also about us humans.

I’m really delighted with these gigs especially at a time when almost all the work has dried up, apart from weeding the garden, cooking the dinner and baking the bread.

Please come along, there is no limit to the numbers allowed listen, and the posts will be there afterwards for a while too.