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1. a single thread | 2. the willow | 3. drunks sing out at night | 4. she sings a melody | 5. you know yourself | 6. one who sweeps the streets | 7. the crackling radio | 8. the ragman | 9. hello baby | 10. summer at my feet | 11. fallen branches | 12. three long years | 13. ironyard chains | 14. you're a long time outside


You weave a single thread , a spinning web on a golden loom,your Mother's womb
Oh singing child the dancing world is waiting for your metaphor , your syllable ,
your Word and Rhyme ,
come on , come on ,and tell us all , you want you want , and tell us all , you need to know

And in your secret room , in waiting you are counting on the turning sea , the cloud-run hills ,
the rain and the heart of truth and faith
Come on , Come on and tell us all , you have you have ,
and tell 'em all , you want to know

Day before day you hear the swallows go , the angels sing , the river sail, the city bawl ,
the night go down , the spilling sky , while all the flowers will glisten-cry.
come on , come on , and tell 'em all , you want you want and tell 'em all ,
you need to know

Take all your heart-borne talk and lay it on the world in silent beating on ,
a drum a drum , a pulse of life, will hammer through the din and tackle , silently ,
a silver nail
go on go on and tell 'em all you want you want and tell us all you need to know ..

©Ger Wolfe.

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The willow she wears a coat of gold and of green ,
each buds a tear and each leaf is a dream
The willow she wears a coat of gold and of green ,
dances the sweetest dance you've ever seen
and she dances the sweetest dance you've ever seen.

And her arms they dazzle the child ina melody ,
each eye alive in the colour of Spring
her arms they dazzle the child in a melody,
down by the riverside you'll hear her sing
and it's down by the riverside we'll hear her sing.

©Ger Wolfe.

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Drunks sing out at night a holy song
all across the square the voices rise ,
and the visions flutter in your eye
out across the street the pigeons run,

Your angel , holds your heart ,
your angel, guards your soul
o angel , protect all.

All the stars are sleeping where they fell ,
radios are roaring out their song,
I follow every floorcrack to the wall,
Ranting anthems clutter all my floor .

Let the breeze breath poems to your page ,
let the wind be silent in the night ,
you who roll between the raring waves ,
follow like a seagull all your flight.

©Ger Wolfe.

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She sings a melody , sweetened by January ,
Sparrows are gathered to listen in rows .
On up through Patrick Street ,
shuffle your crazy feet ,
building site listeners mother her prose...

Smother me deep ina blanket of harmony ...

She holds a thread of time , empty down whisky drop,
prays in the Trinity chapel for Peace,
sweetness you promised me , ever eternally
hold me a seat on the bus to your heart

Mother my soul from the fire of Purgatory..

"I'm out of my head I am stumbling through your day,
Paper-thin glances balled up in a mask
cut me with pity-glass, theres nothing from you I ask
I bear the cross I hold , where is your smile

Don't patronise me with your penny of charity..

cause each day the flowers weep, into the frozen streams
I see the doves that are holding my feet,
each cloud a different face , angels come gather me..
countless stars colour my pillow of night ,

I'm planting my voice as a seed in your memory,
Sewing my voice like a seed in your memory.


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Each step of track you trace ,and back the smiling face ,
won't crack your eyes erase , a sense of Wonder.
An inch of time drawn out, a mile of line about ,
take all your fears and doubt ,to drag you under

And you know , you know , you know , you know your self.

The sky of light and wide , the sprinkled night abide ,
pour every hour aside , to sweetest ponder
The trail and road of rhyme ,the sea and river shine
The tear of younger eye and the smile hid under..

The wall a garden long , and tall a tree of song
For all the wise and strong to shelter under
So in your meadow face , a flower , one of grace
you'll run the dancing race , and road of Wonder


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I am the one who sweeps the streets ,under the branches gold and green,
light silver hair and iron shoes , I come to plough the city blues
Holding each leaf that has come to pay homage to me
my footsteps pound out the song of the crucified street.

And under these Cathedral skies , I meet each one the fool ,the wise
with every turning season's dream , I watch the Kingdom dancing clean
Weaving their words like a tapestry into my heart,
children and lovers will endlessly wake to the song.

And though the dogs in fear will chase , out of my eyes the smiling face ,
one old man's words will stand along , a wall of poetry and song,
Whispering secrets of doorsteps and bridges and bars
in fairness I'll tell them the story of time before cars..

And in my pockets angel's hide , guarding my soul on every side ,
glorious Halleluljah's wait , I am the ragged at the gate
Standing in weather that promised me nothing but scars ,
thinking my better days ,wondering under the stars,
Standing in weather that promised me nothing but scars ,
counting my better days fumbling under the stars

I am the one who sweeps the streets , under the branches gold and green,
bright silver hair and iron shoes , I come to plough the city blues.

©Ger Wolfe.

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Who will unwrap the crackling radio , h-aon dó, h-aon dó,
Into the morning -cold aor the notes will go , h-aon dó , h-aon dó
Dancing our eyelids open to Winter-time ,h-aon dó , h-aon dó,
words that would waltz the moon in her sad decline , h-aon dó , h-aon dó,

with the wind in your hair put your shoes by the edge of the water ,
by the side of the sea hear the radio crackle and play.

Who will un fold the doorstep of memory ,
whistling out a forget-me-not melody,
who will unravel the sheets of the river bed,
who will un ruffle the pillow beneath your head.?

©Ger Wolfe.

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Call him the ragman , free as a sparrow and oh not alone ,
Call him the ragman , three legged dog and a mirror of bone.
Call him the freeman , call him an angel his heart would grow wings ,
white as a snow-drop, over the city-bound children bells ring.

Call him the junkman,searching for amber and breadcrust and brass,
call him the pigman , sailing a clutter-junk down every cross,
call him a ploughman , hectare and nectar-long acre of grass
call him to harrow , all of the stars to the ditch-ridden moss.

Call him the tinman, railings of copper and pillar brick red,
call him the thin man , out on the road roaring songs in his head,
call him to whisper tales of the ancient and rubbish full yards ,
call him to whisper tales of the twisted and battered oul bards.

Call him the beggar , hands of a king , palace fit for a queen,
call him the beggar his sceptre and crown golden purple and green,
call him a hero, bury his heart in a trophy of light ,
call him a hero , wilder and cut in the channel of strife.

Call him the ragman ,three-legged dog and a whistle of gold ,
Call him the ragman,newspaper flowers eternally old.

©Ger Wolfe.

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In the river , you will find the clear reflection of the sky ,
sons and daughters forever after by trees and water reason Why

Hello baby , hello child ,hello sweetness, tell me why.

Spinning top will twist and tumble, waltz along the table wide,
dancing shadow I go , I go you go, stop to touch the spinning tide.

Hello baby , Hello love , hello Jesus , high above
Hello baby , hello child , hello sweetness , you know why.

In the river , you will find the clear reflection of the sky ,
sons and daughters forever after by trees and water reason why.

©Ger Wolfe.

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I watch the city growing dark and wonder ,
where April threw her blossom on the street
The morning tore the flowing dark assunder ,
and I awoke with Summer at my feet.

The seagulls joined a chorus in our laughter ,
the waves came filling every footprint deep,
we took our cares and fired them in the water,
and slowly sang a tired sun to sleep.

My love she brings me butter-cups and roses ,
the ladybird of Summer on her knee,
her eyes are bright and wondrous as the ocean ,
and I swim deep as deep as love can be .

©Ger Wolfe.

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Take me down to the fallen branches , lying in cold Winter clay
Take me down to the broken bottle , and I will wipe the blood away,

I come like the storm of Winter ,Come to toss your dream around
I come like the rain of morning ,Come to wash your river down ..

Take me down to the fallen temple , and the gods of stone and glass
scattered on the ground to trample , burnt away like the Winter grass

I come with the book of Springtime, the gospel written in your heart
I come like the Son of Morning , a light to quench the dying dark.

©Ger Wolfe.

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You've had three long years , smiling smiles and weeping tears ,
whistles whisper in your ear , and your skipping
Down the rainbow skies ,down with all your queation-why's ,
and your dancing daring eyes , you are skipping ...

Round and round the garden , like a teddy-bear ,
do you love an apple , do you love a pear.

Weave a way of cloth , wrung on iron railings wrought
in the garden of your thought,you are skipping
and your'e curling up your curl , watch the ocean wave unfurl,
wave a flag to greet the world , in your skipping ..

And the world's a long street 'round , in the corner you have found ,
where your little feet rebound , what we're missing
and from Africa to France , you only need advance ,
imagine in your trance , you are skipping,....

Take me to the swings and slides ,throw me at the up-sky high
and I'll let my heart decide , when I'm skipping.

© Ger Wolfe.

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I will not be lost in the iron yard chains,
a rope in the storm or the gutter of nails,
a leaf in the end or the island of rails ,
I will not be lost in the iron yard chains
the iron yard chains ,

don't say this to anyone .

I will not be salt in the arrow of tears,
a scholar of death in the tunnel of years ,
The cut or the wound in the bloodshot of fear,
I will not be salt in the arrow of tears ,
the arrow of tears ,

don't say this to anyone.

But I will trickle down in the iron gate screams
adrift on the bell and the tower of peels,
a seed in the gut and the furrow I dream,
I will trickle down with the iron gate screams , the iron gate screams ..

don't say this to anyone , don't say this to anyone.

© Ger Wolfe.

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Your'e a long time outside , lost in the garden wide ,
your'e a ling time outside , under the hedge , hiding unseen ,
under the hedge, where have you been?

lost between banners and furrows and bridges of cloud ,
I've been calling your angel to et you and carry you home.

Your'e a long way between, ditches and fields of green,
Your'e a long way between, fences and walls , vision and dream,
fences and walls , what have you seen?

Lost between valleys of darkness and the river of night ,
I've been calling my angel to lead me back into the Light.

© Ger Wolfe.

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