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1. the holy ploughland | 2. while the world is turning round | 3. oh little one | 4. call me down | 5. the curra road | 6. over the mountains | 7. tell all the lies | 8. when we were new | 9. you said you know i will be true | 10. beautiful | 11. in the garden of heaven | 12. bluebell | 13. new-born child | 14. bruach na carraige báine

1. The Holy ploughland

To know that you stood in the holy ploughland , in the palm of your hand ,with the question and answer,
To know that you spread with a twirl of your fist , where the silver trees twist , like a lover- led dancer.

Let me into your heart , into your heart like a dove.

To know that you suffered the crowning of thorns , the agony born ,in the garden of roses,
To know that you offer the innocent crown , to the wise and the clown , to pick as he chooses.

To know that you are when the harvest is ripe , and the blossom of white is our new jubilation ,
To know that you are when the famine is dawn , and the shadow is drawn on the joy of Creation.

©Ger Wolfe 2002.

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2. While the world is rolling 'round

While the world is rolling round , carry your heart to the hill and down , don't bury your dream in the naked ground.

All the questions dancing in your head ,alkl the fires burning in your heart ,all the rivers roaring through your blood ,
All the answers reeling to the stars.

While the birds address the night , scribble your hope in a whisper bright , follow your star in a fall of flight.

Watch the colours dance along the road , sing the praise of Heaven in your eyes, grace the birds the garden of your soul , every petal-blossom of your smile .

If the world turns inside-out, follow your faith 'mid the roarig doubt, water your land in the dying drought..

In your hand the blossom and the thorn,in your song the meadow and the lark,In your thought the silent and the storm ,in your mouth the word and book of joy…….

©Ger Wolfe 2002.

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3. Oh Little One

Believe the song and the bird of shining Spring , will creep un-noticed through the misted night ,unveil the waking morning in a blaze , and dance beneath your window as you sleep….Oh little one , oh little one , oh little one

Un burdened of the world's weight you may see , the colour-singing vision of your dream, and oh aware that the robin on her height , has conquered every corner in her song …..

So whistle up your stale-aired vision clear ,away from trundle-cutting piece and meal ,for faith in pulsing heart found back in youth , was blossoming a season every turn …Oh Little one .

©Ger Wolfe 2002.

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4. Call Me Down.

Call me down , all the shooting stars are falling to the Ragged ground , and the singing moon is wearing now a ragged crown , for the city is the palace of a paper clown, a paper clown.

Call me down , when the blossom on the street is like a carnival , and the songbirds in the trees are singing beautiful , all the children down the road are playing wonderful , wonderful.

Call me down ,when the sky is raining out a new miscellany , every paper bag and pocket holds a melody , every apple-book and locket bears a memory , a memory.

Call me down , because clouds and mountains followed you and shadowed you , because barriers and walls became a bed for you , because scandal in the window told a lie on you , a lie on you .

Call me down , and I'll never be the dagger that you perish on , I will hold you in the palm where I have nourished long and I'll set you in the book where I have written long , written song ..

Call me down , and I'll set you in the furrow that I ploughed for you ,and the ocean will not separate my love from you, and the garden will bear every tree I bore for you , I bore for you .

©GerWolfe 2002.

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5. The Curra Road.

In the Summer we'll go walking , way down to the river , down the Curra road.There's the blue sky we'll walk under , listen to the humming bees and on we'll go .
We won't worry about the Winter , worry 'bout it raining , worry 'bout the snow . In the Summer we'll go walking , way down to the river , down the Curra road.

Past the cattle at their grazing , through the woods of hazel , holly ,birch and oak.Past the robin on the gatepost, singing to the bluebells , sunlight is their host . We won't worry 'bout the radio , worry 'bout the traffic , worry 'bout the phone . In the Summer we'll go walking way down to the river , down the dusty road.

There is music in the river , listen to it dancing , underneath the bridge ,and the wind is hardly breathing , words unto the willow branches overhead .We won't worry 'bout the government , worry 'bout the video , worry 'bout the day. In the Summer we'll go waltzing , hand in hand together , down the dusty way.

©GerWolfe 2002.

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6.Over the mountains.

Over the mountains and under the sea , music for you baby , music for me …..
Dreams of the mermaid and dreams of the sea , dreams of the swallow returning to see.

Over the valley down into the farms , rock-a-bye-baby asleep in your arms ..
Dreams of the Summer and dreams of the sky , dreams of the stars above , learning to fly .
Dreams of the Winter and dreams of the spring , dreams of the fish below , learning to sing.

©Ger Wolfe 2002.

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7.Tell all the lies.

I will lie down in the backstreet, cardboard box and concrete , reeling out my wisdom to the world.
I will wake amongst the debris , foaming dogs and memory , watching as the waking world unfolds.

Tell all the lies I told , tell all the lies I told again , tell all the lies I told again.

I will stalk the square in moonlight , roof aglow in twilight ,scale the slates and chimneys of the town ,I will roll the tearing sirens , underneath your windows ,count the marble stairsteps up and down …

©Ger Wolfe 2002.

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8. When we were new.

When we were new , in the land where the blackberry blossoms shone .
And Summer sang , through the heart of the bird in the fading light ,
Careless in time , we riddled rhyme , until the dreams we loved , until the dreams we loved , came around , and the hill , was aglow and the hill all aglow.

Then as we walked up the hill and the moon wove a rambling rose , around our love and a single star fell in a blaze of light.Careless in rhyme , we riddle time , until the dreams we love , until the dreams we love ,come around , and the world is aglow and the world all aglow, come around , and the world , is aglow and the world all aglow.

©Ger Wolfe 2002.

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9. You said you know I will be true.

I fell into a slumber then , I dreamt I went into a storm, you took me from my reverie , you held me up into your arms.
You said'you know I will be true' , you said 'you know what?, I love you'.

We scaled the crooked mountains , we sailed across the thorny sea. We drank the Summer under , we wove the Winter 'round our feet. I said ' You know I will be true' , I said 'you know what I love you'.

You woke and I was missing , lost from the valley and the road. You sang and then you listened, silent I buried my own load. You said 'you know I will be true' , you said 'you know what I love you.'

©Ger Wolfe 2002.

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10. Beautiful.

Oh you know but you are beautiful ,red and yellow is the morning sky, bright or rain there is a radiance ,burning like a melody , brighter in the newer dawn.

Oh you smile and you are beautiful, Joy is echoing God's love and in sorrows dark there is a memory ,bringing spark and glorious, surer in the newer day.

Lift your voice in thanks and praise ,sing your song oh love.

Walk in truth , you will walk beautiful,talk your own talk because if anything , blossoms flying in the Autunm wind ,carry Summer 's song and on ,seed set in the Winter earth, raise a glass for everyone ,

Some may crow you are not beautiful, never mind the dark is blinding them , pray the light will only fill our days , pray the light will find us out , lift your voice in thanks and praise ,raise a glass for everyone…

©Ger Wolfe 2002.

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11 In the garden of Heaven.

In the garden of Heaven you are now , and the flowers blossom in your hand may the fruit of glory be your food, and your family gather all around ,

And I love you ,more than stars up in the night , when the moon cries over mountains.

Now your hands are moving through the roots, and the trees are gathering your song, all your memories scattered to the ditch , where the morning fathered all your Joy.

And I love you ,though the flowers have your eyes and the echo of your heart pulses northwards ,
And I love you ,more than the rivers in the deep ,love the rainfall in distant valleys.

Between night and the mothering of clay, when despair has conquered all but love , sings a goldcrest high up on the hedge , stone-cold branches cannot stop the sun,

And I love you , more than the stars up in the night , when the moon cries ,over mountains , and I'll love you ,
When the bells are gone to clay , and the songbirds are dust on the windows.

©Ger Wolfe 2002.

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12. Bluebell

There is the taste of the sun from your mouth . There is the light of the moon on your face .
Of all the flowers that bloom on the earth ,there is but one I would hold to my heart.

Soft as the rain is the touch of your lips , soft as the green of the Springtime your kiss.
Of all the flowers ,that bloom on the earth , there is but one I will hold to my heart ,

Bluebell, bluebell.

Deep in the silence of night you are still , deep as the light of the moon on the hill.
Of all the flowers that bloom on the earth, there is but one I would hold to my heart , bluebell.

© Ger Wolfe 2002.

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13.New-born child.

Green and rain, the clay swallowed all of the Winter's pain , bearing the child of the Summer song.
Who'll sing again , who'll sing again of the green and rain , when the frost lies slain and the cold day gone ??

New born child , new born child , new-born child.

Blossom-born , song of the thrush-conquered Winter thorn,hearing the crush of the earth un-done.
Who'll sing again?, who'll sing again of the blossom-born, crowning April morn , glowing Hope and Warm…New-born child.

Bell-rung joy, footsteping forth of the pastuered boy, blue-eyed ,the child of the waltz and the word,
Who'll ring again , who'll ring again for the bell rung joy , when the sun sails high and the clouds all white,
New-born child , new-born child , new-born child.

© Ger Wolfe 2002.

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14. Bruach na carraige báinne

Nuair a éiríos féín ar maidin go moch,I bhfad amach sa bhóthair,cé cífinn chugaim ach a stór mo chroí,
Is d'fhéach sí féín go fónta.
Mar do bhí sí súíd ,deas , dearg is donn,is a leacainn mar na rósaí,nuair a fháisceas í go dlúth lem chroí ,Sé dúirt sí;'Cá mbíonn tú id chónaí.

Mar is treabhadóír mise , go fónta ar mo chéird , is maith 'tá 'fhios ag mo chomharsain,
Is mó páirc riamh do threabhsa féin, gan mé 'bheith tinn ná leonta.
Do bhainfainn féar ar barr an cnoic ,is do dhéanfainn cruach nó staicín,
Do rincinn ríl leat a stór mo chroí ar bhruach na carraige báinne.

Do leathfainn fallaing duitse , a fhir óg ,mura mbeadh ach leithead cianóíge,
Dá mbeadh 'fhios agam go mbeifá liom , gan dabht tú féin do b'fhearr liom,.
Ó gléasagaí suas a óigfhir léan,is gluais liom fhéin thar sáile
Is treabhfaimid na cuanta doimhne , ó Bhruach na carraige báinne.

Trádisúínta …this is a traditional song , well known in different versions throughout the country, this is The Cape Clare version….. I learned it from the fine singing of Diarmuid Ó Súilleabháin from Coolea in the Múscraí gaeltacht, it's on the recording of his singing 'Bruach na carraige báinne'(CICD 115).

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