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P.O. BOX 14,
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Publishing Details

All of Ger's songs are published by Raggedy Records. If you want to record any of the works that are already published you will need to acquire a license from the M.C.P.S. (For Mechanical copyright), that is; if you plan to record one of Ger's songs anywhere in the world it is legally necessary to obtain a license from M.C.P.S. who are responsible for collecting the royalty payments on behalf of writers from individual artists, record companies and labels and their agents, even if it is for only a couple of hundred copies, the licence fee is charged per amount of copies sold usually and is not too costly.

Here is a link to the IMRO/MCPS site where you can find out more about supporting independent labels like RAGGEDY RECORDS and supporting independent artists like Ger Wolfe. www.www.imro.ie/mcps/about-mcpsi.ie

To publicly perform any of Ger's work, especially at gigs etc., you should declare on your returns form to the royalty collection agency (i.e. IMRO in Ireland, PRS in Britain and ASCAP in U.S. etc.). By doing this for one another we help secure fair employment and return for the work of artists and musicians.
Updated February 2017.